Pregnancy & Chiropractic Care: Everything you want to know with Dr. Nichole Quinn

Being pregnant is hard…full stop. It’s exhausting physically and emotionally, and for some, it can be extremely uncomfortable or even painful! My first pregnancy was a breeze – I didn’t have many aches or pains to complain of (*sends one up to the man above*) BUT after my pregnancy ended – Houston, we had a problem. I thought I was in the clear! Until one day, when my son was about 7 months old, I sneezed…the MOST excruciating sneeze of my life. This sneeze sent a pain through my back like nothing I had ever felt. I am talking the kind of pain that makes you UGLY cry so hard! I called my husband, put the baby in the car (…all while still being in the ugly cry kind of pain) and headed to the E.R.

A shot was given, medicine was taken, and we were on our way. They couldn’t figure out what had happened and I was completely baffled. I had experienced the most painful moment of my life – and I’ve given birth at this point, remember?! What on Earth happened?!

Time went on and while the pain went away, it was never completely gone – something always felt just kind of, not right, ya’ know? Anywhooo, about a month later I was sponsoring a table for Belly to Baby at an event where I met a chiropractor. Out of nowhere, I word vomited my experience to him and he convinced me to come in for an adjustment where had had found that I had a rib that had slipped out of place! Say whaaa’?!! I was shocked. He explained that the steroid shot and medicine they gave me at the E.R. likely made any swelling in the area that I had go down *just* enough for the rib to reposition itself back into place…..but not completely. Which is why I was still feeling “not quite right” in that general area.

Fast Forward to my second pregnancy! As I got bigger, that same exact area started to become an issue again. My previous doctor that I saw was no longer practicing and I wanted to find a chiropractor who specialized in prenatal care anyway…INSERT: Dr. Nichole Quinn of Total Family Wellness! She was absolutely amazing during my consultation. She listened to what I previously experienced, what I was currently experiencing, and drafted a care plan that I was on board with! This began my prenatal chiropractic journey which was completely WORTH it.

I know some may have questions about the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy so I reached out to Dr. Quinn to answer some questions and here’s what she had to share!

  • Is there a difference between a chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy vs. a general chiropractor?

All Chiropractors can take care of women during and after pregnancy, but some Chiropractors like myself take extensive training after graduation to better care for women during this special stage of life.

  • Are chiropractic adjustments safe during pregnancy?

Absolutely! There are no contraindications to Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy.

  • What are the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy?

Chiropractic care allows mom to be to feel better and function better in general, but specific benefits as stated by the American Pregnancy Association are: maintaining a healthier pregnancy, reducing the time of labor and delivery, relieving back, neck joint pain, helps to prevent a possible Cesarean Section.

  • Does chiropractic care during pregnancy help with labor & delivery?

Yes! Women who see a Chiropractor throughout their pregnancy have on average 25% shorter labor times.

  • What are some signs/symptoms that chiropractic care could be warranted?

Neck pain, headaches, low back pain, pubic pain, tailbone pain, hip pain, breech baby

  • Do I need to be at a certain point in my pregnancy to start chiropractic care?

The earlier the better! When we can be proactive in the beginning of pregnancy, there are less chances of having the discomforts that come in the later stages. It is never too late to start, but why wait!

  • How does pregnancy affect musculoskeletal alignment?

The protruding abdomen of pregnancy puts added stress on the low back and pelvis area. It causes an increase in the normal lumbar curve and can affect the discs and the nerves that exit in that area. The glute muscles work extra hard during pregnancy to try to maintain normal alignment, but most women carry more stress in one side of their body that causes tension and twisting in the pelvis.

  • Should I continue chiropractic care after having my baby?

It is just as important after the baby is born as before. During prenatal care, we see more discomfort in the lower back, but after baby we see more discomfort in the neck and upper backs. Think about all the duties a new mom has, from nursing to carrying baby, it is a lot of stress on mom. Moms are constantly looking down at their sweet baby and we don’t want them to stop, but we do want to prevent the aches and pains that can come from it.

I also check moms for diastasis recti throughout their postpartum care. The abdominal muscles should be restored to previous integrity after the baby, but that is not always the case. If a new mom does not properly heal through their abdominals after birth, her chances of having back pain and injury are much higher and there are simple exercises that I can guide mom on when her body is ready. This decreases the chances of this being an issue. I personally had this after my last baby, and that led me to take some continuing education classes through Birthfit and DNS (dynamic neuromuscular stabilization).

  • I’ve heard that chiropractic care can also benefit a newborn baby. Can you explain some of those benefits?

We love seeing babies in the office! Babies can benefit from Chiropractic care in so many ways, but the most important thing is to make sure there is no stress on the nervous system after birth. A slow birth, fast birth, C-section, any modalities during the birth process can all lead to stress on their fragile spines. I use an insight scanner to check for areas of stress and adjust with a very low force to allow them to express their bodies’ natural health processes.

  • What are some signs that my baby may benefit from chiropractic care?

Specifically, if you have a baby who is not latching properly, not sleeping like they should, colicy, especially if you notice that they are favoring their head to one side. This can lead to other problems as they grow. We offer a complimentary newborn check to our practice members that see us throughout their pregnancy.

If you can relate to anything in this article, I highly recommend reaching out to Dr. Quinn and scheduling a consultation! I personally have also been treated by Dr. Dougherty (whose first name also happens to be Nicole) and she is equally as wonderful!

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